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Black Russian Feminized Seeds (Delicious Seeds)

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Delicious Seeds Black Russian is a stable indica/sativa hybrid between White Russian and Black Domina cannabis strains from the Delicious Seed.seeds of this variety became popular in the international market almost instantly. They are easy growing and said to be great for cloning. Potentials of this strain are constantly used in breeding experiments to create new varieties. Plants of this marijuana have a sweet fruity scent so popular in Dutch coffee shops. 80% indica, this cannabis is said to have a great medical value and is used as a relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and tremors. Being mostly indica, seeds of Black Russian produce slightly bushy marijuana plants with dark green fat leaves around a thin and sturdy stem. The leave to bud ratio is so well balanced that her buds have enough space and light to fully develop. These cannabis seeds performs well indoors and outdoors, in pots, soil or hydroponics setups. Flowering period for the plants growing indoors is 7-8 weeks, whilst outdoor it's from middle of September. Wherever you decide to place Black Russian, she produces a great indica yield - 450 gr. per m2 indoors; the amount from outside varieties depends on a vegetation time and a season and can reach 500 gr. per plant. It is one of the most consistently performing marijuana strains in the world, she remains as short as about 60-70 cm in your indoor marijuana gardens, and won't grow taller than 150 cm in your outdoor ones. She is vigorous, disease resistant, and potent. This strain develops big resinous buds, with resin extending almost to the end of the large fan leaves. The more heavily branched specimens tend to be the big yielder. So untypical for indicas, Black Russian contains incredible 20+% of THC in flowers which means a cerebral type of high, ideal for total body and mind relax and pain relief. Together with an exotic candy flavoured smell and taste and a peppery hash, she is definitely one of our favourite.
Seedbank Delicious Seeds
Sex Feminized
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Variety Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics White Russian x Black Domina
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Grow Conditions Indoor, Outdoor
Yield 450g/m²
Flowering Time 53 days (mid-September)